Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Cat Wisdom you can learn from Master Satsugai.

The PAW Process.

Possibility, Ability & Worthiness - I believe I can get on refrigerator, I leaped on several things & I arrived at my GOAL!

You need to believe three things about your outcomes:

1) It is possible to achieve
2) You are able to achieve them
3) You deserve to achieve them


Very often, we mistake possibility for competence. We think something if not possible when really we do not know how to do it. As humans, we all do have physical limits, but we don’t usually know that these limits are.

You cannot prove a negative, therefore you can never prove that you are incapable of anything, you can only say that you have not achieved it yet.


Have you the put a limit on what you can achieve? We often sell ourselves short by not believing we can do something. But beliefs are not facts – they are just our best guess about things at a certain point of time.

Keep an open mind. Have one basic true belief: You have not reached the limit of what you are capable yet.

Do not ever announce to other people that you can’t do something, even if you think you can’t. People often own up much more readily about things that they are bad at than what they are good at. This is not modesty. Modesty mean not bragging about what you can do.


Negative talk just places a self-imposed glass ceiling on what you are going to do. If you think like this, add the little word “yet” to the end. Though there may be good reasons why you may not get the goal, don’t make excuses in advance, then you have just set yourself up for failure.


Many people may have a positive attitude, but the key towards achievement is a PAW Process. (Possibility, Ability and Worthiness)

Do you deserve to achieve your goals?

Only you can answer this question, but why not?

If people are unwilling to try, but if you volunteered and accomplished, who deserves the success? It is not about ethics or morals when it comes to self-worthiness. Do not apologize for succeeding or winning. Notice any uncomfortable feelings, and they will point to obstacles and self-doubts.

Just repeat the following for each goal:

‘This goal is possible’
‘I have the ability to achieve this goal’
“I deserve to achieve this goal’

Don't just be good -- Be P-awsome

- Satsugai Cat

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