Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catnip Garden

The catnip seedz arrive and itz in da potz nao.

I got my hooman to open the package, itz filled with catnip seedz I can smell.

Wery nice seedz, smellz very tasty... Got da hoomanz to put dem seedz in da potz and add some soil. The new soil itz gud. And we also hav volcanix ash or smething. I sure the seedz luv it.

After puting in da potz, I think i hv to wait. I sit and wait and wait and no plantz? Then the hooman brought me away from the potz. After some time I come back and still not catnip plant...

There are altogher 10 potz wif da catnip seedz. a lot.. can't wait for dem to grow...

Wery excited nao... going to be gud...

*Bounce Bounce*


--Satsugai Cat

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