Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MeMe: Geddan Get Down (ゲッダン)

mi bring u da latest trends and before u get exposed to da thing mi want to show, mi think u nid to know about Geddan.

This iz Geddan.


yes, it iz made popular by a cat. like Nyah Cat...

And it haz became internet craze. Check out da following wideos.

Ewen a Geddan Party!

Here iz translation of song.

Get down
A shaking, spinning, touching, painful feeling
The two of us sleeping together in a winter land
You look only at me, I look only at you
We promise for tomorrow
You hold me tight, and I can feel the burning love
Wrapped in the heavily falling snow
I'll love you forever, Ill love you from today on.
Forever eternal love description

Let mi kno which iz yr favoirit Geddan wideo. mi wan to hear from U.

-- Lub


Saturday, July 9, 2011

more proof dat babies r annoyngz

mi hair cringe when mi watch dis wideo...

dat iz most patient cat ewer, mi would hab killed da baby!

Juz da thingz us cats put up wif daily with hoomans.
Babies r ewwwww

-- Satsugaicat

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