Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Stray cat in a pet shop" fweeling

Mi had a new fweeling and it iz hard to describe.

When mi jumped on table today, and suddenly got stares.... and not da gud kind. It struck mi that dis must be how "a stray cat in a pet shop" feels like -- sudden realization of not supposed to be there, yet am there alreadi.

Have you had that fweeling before?

-- Satsugaicat

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Communication woes in Hooman

Although kitty is in need, there seemed to be lack of common sense amongst some hoomans.

Mi dun understand... if a kitty iz on your neighbor's roof, would you not inform your neighbor and try to get kitty down with fud?

Apparently dis hooman writes to Newspaper, calls SPCA, and takes photo, and gets upset when a maid prevents SPCA from getting to kitty.

Mi feel this incompetence in communication is causing kitty to suffer.

People shud hav good relations wif their neighbor. Mi made it gud wif even da doggies next door.

A little relationship wif neighbors does go a long way.

Read this article on Stomp

-- Satsugaicat

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bootiful Kitties

It iz the time of da year again when mi think about socks.. mi pal who passed away about a year ago.

We used to like luking at pics on the interwebs and nap together, but alas he iz no more.

Mi share a few catpics we like to see, and we luv da kitties with heart shapes on dem...

Here iz a video of sockx and injured kitty taken a year ago.

RIP Socks.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Da Army has grown...

This is indeed a great day, mi have 20k fallowers on Twitter, 5k Fwens and about 2.5k Fans on Facebook.

Mi Fwens and mi hav lotsa conversations on Facebook too!

Thanks fur your support! cud not hav done it without U..

Remember.. mi iz @satsugaicat... and if U wan to learn hao to use facebook or twitter, mi may halp U out...

but meanwhile, sit back and let me brighten up yr day... eweryday and tell yr fwens about mi!

-- Satsugaicat.

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