Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Fwen Big Orange with her kitties!

My fwen big orange has 4 kitties, kitty 1 - 4, dey have no names yet, but dey are wery noisy, and I can hear dem during my naps.

Mi like da kitties a lot and big Orange allows me to look at them from the top of the box.

Dey feed a lot, all day... And Big Orange is always tired and she wants to hang out wif mi... I like the kitties, and hope dis is juz a phase... Wud like to hang out with Big Orange more...

Those little buggers cannot walk right, and dey dun open their eyes... But dey soooo Cute!!  Can you help suggest names? Mi wud love to name dem something kewl!

Da little kitties are wery violent too, and dey fight all da time...

Enjoy da video.


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