Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meowy Xmas!

Holiday season iz best shared wif fwens and family...

mi no nid gifts juz hug and kiss...

Happi holidayz!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Kitty x-mas

x-mas fur kitteh cud b a wonderful or stressful time fur kitties. The x-mas costumes, smelly candles, presents and x-mas treats cud cinfuse kittehs...

mi lub getting pwesents, and treats, but mi had an x-mas outfit last year and me hated it. dis year, mi had lotsa pwesents in da haus... mi though dey were fur mi and mi opened dem, but mi hooman got angry as it iz no x-mas yet!

mi say all pwesents in da haus iz mine, and mi can open it anytime mi wan, but was placed outside da house as a punishment..


on one of da pwesents, mi found catnip!!!

mi seriously think something wuz wrong wif dis holiday with many new confusing things in da haus...

if U hab kitteh in haus, make sure majority of gift r fur kitty as we hab to put up wif it and not destroy dem. But if dey destroyed, dun blame kitteh!


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