Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoomans nid Cat Speak Classes!

We cats hab great communication skills. we use fb, blog, tweet, etc. we say what we want to communicate.

Hoomans on da other hand iz wery poor in communication. mi often see mi hooman no pick up phone and speak vaguely. sometimes laughing loudly and scaring mi at times.

Though we cats can read body language and we learn fast. listening to the sounds coming from a hooman's mouth when dey want to gib chin wubs, we remember, and will respond if we hear it again. Hoomans talk wif dey faces and we can guess their expression what dey say, but sometimes, hooman communicate poorly and wery hard fur us to tell what iz going on.

Mi no understand why hoomans think we stoopid. Mi notice da stoopid hoomans like to talk to us like babies.. "Eat food food..." " Go bed bed..." "Here is some nip nip"... mi no judge, but really.. hooman, U think we so stoopid and cannot understand? (mi think hooman fail to communicate)

What is worse fur us iz, hoomans cannot understand us. When we want catnip, water, fud... we sometimes get a scratch on the head.. Mi think Rosetta stone shud make a training course and hoomans nid to be trained a little to serve us better.

Quality hoomans are so hard to get.

-- Satsugaicat.

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