Saturday, May 8, 2010

A funny to share....

A magician was working on a ship, the captain had a parrot. As the magician performs his tricks every night, the parrot watches trying to figure out how he does it. After a few weeks the parrot figures the magicians tricks out. As the magician performs the parrot squalks, 'why are the cards all ace of spades'......what are the flowers hiding under the table for' etc. A couple of nights after the parrot hassling the magician...the ship sinks and most die. The magician was lucky enough to latch onto some floating debris, but also on the debris was the parrot. They gave each other dirty looks, and did not speak. One day, two days, three days past no words exchanged. On the fourth day the parrot squarks, 'ok I give up, where did you put the fu**ing ship'?


-- Satsugai Cat

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