Sunday, March 7, 2010

Street cats keeping it real

I iz stuck in a small carrier and brought around town when my hooman iz buying some things at night and brought me out for a spin.

I usually sleepz in the stuffy little box but I heard some meowing outside and saw a pweeety kitty outside.

She has such beautiful eyes and she stood there staring at mi.... My hooman says she iz street kitty, and definitely one of the cleanest and nicest one around.

I iz looking around and I saw a lot of other kitties. Mi iz nao at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 (Central Singapore) and at night, there were at least 50 kitties near the market. I felt a little sad as these beautiful kitties had to sleep on hard stools and eat from trash.

I live in a house and iz loved by my hooman, and I sure hope the kitties would find a good home, however I was shocked to find out that cats are not allowed to live in public housing (but small dogs are) Why is Singapore like that?

On close look, many of these cats look traumatized and abused, and the people who feed them just do so and want to let people think that they are kind people, but I feel that when it rains or when it is cold, these kitties are still out there, lonely and wet...

These kitties however still keep it real, living their life to the fullest!

Enjoy life buddies!

-- Satsugai Cat.

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