Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 Reasons to follow a cat on Social Media!

# Cats are really cute and adorable, seeing pictures of kittens will calm people down and end all road rage!

# Cats are attention seeking, following them will brighten up their day. (But you can ignore them, and they will live too!)

# Cats don't judge, they will not call you names and they love you for who you are!

# Cats are smart, they have a lot of wisdom to give!

# Cats have connections and talk about you whether you follow them or not. Learn why people are laughing at you from cats!


  1. I love this! will def post to my I HAVE CAT FB page!

  2. Sattsugai, you are very cute, keep busy at your keyboard!

  3. Support the cats on Facebook, get your pets on Twitter! So say Satsugaicat!

  4. what a wonderful post, Satsugai. Cats do indeed make the internet a better place.


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