Friday, December 18, 2009

Updates on da 4 kitties

da kitties r much bigger nao... they still together with mom thou...

They are starting on solid fud, but still fallow mum around, sometimes dey come to mi, but I still win at ignore U game...

Although I still hate dem dogs, the kittehs ignore the big doggie nao, not fwens but tolerate each other.

The kittehs fight all day, inside and outside. They are either sleeping or fighting or pausing between fights and eating and drinking!

The time out is called as the other kitteh fouled, and referee nids second opinion.

The fights include side mounts and top hugs... Traning and honing their skills as hunters.

But, dey gud at pausing for camera.. MOL... say FISH!

They are ewerywhere nao, under the chair, behind the computer, under the kitchen sink... Hard to track them...

This is da age when they are fun and active, very enjoybale to see dem running around....

-- Satsugai Cat.

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