Saturday, June 6, 2009

Understanding your cat #1

As a cat, I strongly belif dat meow nid to help U hoomans understnz uz better.

As you kno, hoomans are sometimes stupid, unlike catz and we dun hav time to explain.

So let me teach hoomans catspeak.

We catz are beyond l33t... And we use chat terms freely as we wish. U see, we inventz da spellz and dat is why hoomans worship uz.

Your hooman chat speak... we use:

Boys- Boiz
Girls- girlz, grlz, grrlz, gurlz
Mate- m8
Skater- sk8er
You- u
Are- r
Tonight- 2nite
Because- Bcuz

We catz keepz it realz. More thanz da ballerz in dat hip hoppy thing.

We are probably the most PAWESOME creatures around.
(Pawsome - ~hu AWESOME )

Well da stupidity of da hoomans we do find entertaining, som r wery obedient and we likez them as dey bring uz our nom.
(Nom - ~hu food (nom nom nom.. sound of cat eating)

Sometimez we hav terroritory thingz but we always fwendly and luving. Dough.. We remember everything thing and we love vengenace, we usually kill fer fun, but sometimez fer vengeance. Remember, we kno where U sleep.

Wen we mit other catz we sometimes *nosetap*.
(*nosetap* - greeting from a cat, a form of hello)

I dun kno Y sometimes hoomans lol (laugh out loud) for somethings we do... But we just findz it very annoying and belief uz, we are plotting revenge.

Wait till we get our claws deep, then we'll see who MOL
(MOL - Meow out Loud)

We try to get your attenshun of da hoomans when dey do something wrong. But they still very fail all times... I saw failblog and wery funnie stuf...

Anyway. I dun think hoomans can lern so much so maybe next lesson then teach more.


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